The story of Tolika
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The story of Tolika

So here I was asking myself a question "What is a squirrel in isiZulu, Mhhh". Aha! I know, I'll Google it. Squirrel in isiZulu tell me Google, tell me. After 30 minutes of searching and searching, I found nothing. Maybe there are no squirrels in Africa, Yeah it's an American animal, so I convinced myself.

I decided to call great great grandmother to confirm. What is a squirrel great great grand gogo?

It's a nsindane my son. NO! Are you for real gogo. Hehehe, you township kids know nothing, said great gogo.

Eish! So great Gogo revealed how moronius I was. I can't accept that, let me ask my fellow people what a squirrel is. HA! None of them know what nsindane is too and the sad part is they are not even ashamed of it.

Nsindane is one of many. What is a spider, an apple or an orange? Better yet, what are they in Xhosa , Ndebele , Swati , Afrikaans , Sotho , Pedi , Tswana , Tsonga , Venda or even Sign Language?

That is why had to be created. - Mdu Ntuli

What is Tolika?

Tolika is an application that helps South Africans translate other South African official languages to their own.
South Africa has 11 official languages sometimes it is difficult to get a simple message across the citizens.
Having an online multi-language dictionary can help overcome this challenge at the same time preserve the heritage of these languages.
Mother Tongue

Speaking your mother tongue can help track back who you are...
Coming Soon.
Developed by Mdu Ntuli and Gaoretelelwe Molebalwa